Beyond Proof

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

Have you noticed how you have to prove yourself every moment ?

• You’ve got to prove to yourself that you are good-looking so you pose in front of the mirror.

• You’ve got to prove that you are intelligent and well-informed so you inject your views and opinions into the midst of every conversation.

• You’ve got to prove that you are right so you thump the desk and stomp on feelings.

• You’ve got to prove that you’re worthy of attention so you throw tantrums.


• You’ve got to prove that you are big and powerful so you throw your weight around.

• You’ve got to prove that you deserve love so you let your volcanic emotions spew out red-hot emotions

• You’ve got to prove your integrity so you’ve got to keep records and release them online.

• You’ve got to prove that there’s nothing to hide so you bare your soul

• You’ve got to prove that your competence is world-class so you trot out the testimonials and data

• You’ve got to prove remorse so you’ve got to commit seppuku.

• You’ve got to prove that you are a gentleman so you come last.

• You’ve got to prove that you have no vested interest so you forego reward.

• You’ve got to prove that your intentions are pure so you plead your case.

• You’ve got to prove that you’re innocent so you fight the battle.

• You’ve got to prove that you’re not guilty so you take the beating.

• You’ve got to prove that you’re not a coward so you don’t run away.

• You’ve got to prove that you’re not someone else. Living is proof!

Because the temporal world will never tire of demanding proof. Transcending the need to prove is spiritual progress. Going deep within to that level of eternal unity and security where nothing affects you. No turbulence, no upheaval, no threat, no fear. Realizing that you are not the body, not the mind, not the past , not the future, not the ego but the Supreme Reality that is ever Present. Accepting that your mistakes and errors and follies are all milestones on the journey to the Self and therefore, mandatory. Not for the weak since the path is steep and paved with searing emotion. Chanting the holy name is the staff that you hold firmly and lean on while going beyond the need and demand to prove. And that is life, not just living. Then and then only can you love and be loved.

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