Exclusion Creates Alienation

TUESDAY, September 24, 2013

Most of us are experts in exclusion! We find ingenious methods and explanations for keeping out others from plans, projects, initiatives and indeed from our very lives. Sometimes we are scared that others will steal the credit; at other times we feel insecure and want to concentrate all power in our own hands. A lot of the times we are convinced that no one can quite do things as well as we can; so we don’t assign tasks, responsibilities and indeed resources to others.

Learn To Trust

FRIDAY, August 30, 2013

Trust is the basis of life! If I can trust others I’ll lead a life of freedom. Fear and suspicion hold me in chains…because I cannot trust anyone I have to look over my shoulder always…so much that my head is turned around backwards always…and I don’t have the ability to look forward. Since I’m looking over my shoulder always my head is facing backward…I’m sure to fall into every pothole and collide with every obstacle on my path. But trusting others is easier said than done.

On Stepping Out Of the Comfort Zone

WEDNESDAY, May 29, 2013


Getting out of comfort zones is what’s its all about! Like this role model of a young lady who was sheltered completely for the first 18 years of her life…was exported into an unfamiliar, unforgiving new environment and…scared, surprised… survived, succeeded…. by conquering herself…and is now living and working in New York…savouring the returns from the risks she took.

Power Of Focus

WEDNESDAY, July 31, 2013

The power of focus is understood but hardly ever practiced! Distractions are the defining characteristic of the 21st century! Just as you buckle down to doing something you get a message on your smart phone or a mail or a call or someone or something interrupts you. And then, one thing leads to another….by the time you get back to what you started…well, the same enthusiasm you had in the beginning has waned.

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Article By Madhav Mohan

Fearless Leaders
Be prepared to be questioned on your actions and worse, your intentions. Being a leader means being different. But while they profess to respect you and love you for being different that is exactly why they are also going to beat you mercilessly. Where you have no agenda other than the general good.

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