Leadership Can't Be Outsourced


Leadership is that elusive element that is necessary for results to flow in any setting. No matter what other resource you have, the crucial ingredient that needs to be present in copious quantities is leadership; only then can teams and organizations produce results consistently. Consistent results are a precondition for survival. You always have a choice: to accept a leadership position or not. Having accepted the position you have to embrace it with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Idea Factory


It's not your idea that counts! It's the best idea that makes the difference. So, let's stop the continuous effort to take credit for the best idea. Instead, let's create a nurturing and non-threatening environment in the groups and teams we work with. When members of the team are involved they feel valued. When they are sure that their ideas will never suffer ridicule no matter how outlandish they may be, the ideas will flow copiously. The more the ideas the better the chance that some may click. Only a very small fraction of ideas  floated will ever come to fruition or even be worth working on.

Expert Demotivator


Do you want to become an expert demotivator ? If so, you can try the following!

Discourage everyone from everything. Never appreciate, instead, find fault all the time. Be very, very, generous with criticism. Be very, very, stingy with praise. When you appraise or evaluate, ensure that your grades are never A; make people believe that A is almost impossible to achieve. Overpower everyone around you with logic and argument. Abandon even a semblance of listening. Believe that your ideas are the best and only worthwhile ideas. Think of yourself as perfect and everyone else as deeply flawed.

Universal Aspirations


Everybody has the same aspirations! Even though every human being is placed in differing circumstances the aspirations are all, more or less, the same. What do we all really want? Each of us wants to be happy, healthy, prosperous. We care about being well fed and well-heeled so that we can provide for our loved ones. We'll will do everything to build a roof over our heads. We want to stay healthy so that our income and way of life is protected. After our material needs for food, clothing and shelter are satisfied we look to the higher order psychological needs to be met. We want self esteem and the esteem of society. We want to be recognized; we have a need to belong to families, groups, clubs, associations, organizations. Very few of us can eschew societal moorings.

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Article By Madhav Mohan

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