My Journey With Sensei Kuppusamy


Sensei Kuppusamy transcended his mortal body recently to hover as a loving, watchful presence to guide, inspire, encourage and protect us as we transit the ups and downs of life. Sensei Kuppusamy’s contributions; Sensei mastered karate, qiqong, kobudo, silambam, taichi and aikido and taught thousands of students around the world; introduced serious training of karate in India in the mid-seventies. However, much more than that he created incomes, careers, lifestyles and personalities of countless people. He ensured that students became strong and independent to face the vicissitudes of life. How Sensei moulded me, Sensei never pontificated! He was quiet and softest of the soft spoken. Never given to showing off his knowledge, strength or mastery. Every movement of his was a treat to watch; graceful and yet devastating! His karate was beautiful beyond compare and explosive in impact.

Detaching Expectations


Assumptions eat into relationships like acid corrodes metal. Slowly, insidiously, the damage occurs, continuously, from within the sanctum sanctorum of the most sacred relationships. Assumptions fuel thoughts and thoughts create perception. Then the inevitable translation of thoughts into action results in words and behaviour. And then the explosive counter behaviour is sparked and the rest is history! Arguments, fights, harsh words, sulking, separation and hurt; these are all the toxic wastes that pepper the landscape of the most loving relationships. Root cause of trauma Our relationships run into stormy waters time and time again when anger and ego dominate. The root of both anger and ego is attachment.

Success Mantra

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012

What does your career hold for you as it unfolds over the next 30 years?

  • Huge opportunities for expanding your skills and knowledge
  • Experience of varied professional situations
  • Daunting challenges o Reward & recognition
  • Acountability & responsibility
  • Personal triumph and tragedy

Winged Dreams


The family held intense discussions with Shyamal about his career. Through it all his mother was a refuge of unconditional love and encouragement. As a friend and mentor to the family for over 25 years I was naturally concerned about the imbroglio. At one particular meeting I could see the tension eating into the vitals of the family. But I could also see the passion for flying that was consuming Shyamal.

Keynote Speeches 

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Madhav is featured as the main speaker at many conferences, seminars and other events in India and abroad.  

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Article By Madhav Mohan

Fearless Leaders
Be prepared to be questioned on your actions and worse, your intentions. Being a leader means being different. But while they profess to respect you and love you for being different that is exactly why they are also going to beat you mercilessly. Where you have no agenda other than the general good.

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