Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

THURSDAY, July 04, 2013

Hosni Mubarak, Mohammed Morsi and Egypt have much to teach us about leadership. When Mubarak took power in Egypt after Anwar Sadat’s assassination in 1981 Egypt was in the throes of uncertainty. Young Mubarak held out hope for a bright future for his ancient country. But absolute power corrupted him absolutely and soon he became the very anti-thesis of a leader: dictatorial, despotic, selfish and intolerant.

The Ideal Me...

MONDAY, August 19, 2013

I have a life to live…and live well…but how do I do it? In the daily melee how do I make sense of all the mixed signals? I lurch from day to day…by default…and before I can say Jack Robinson I’ve arrived at the portals of the afterlife! Where did all the time vanish…its as if 50 years whizzed past at the speed of light…and then…its too late… Somehow, I’ve got to stop and reset myself! Where am I going? What’s my direction? What’s important to me? Who and what are the significant participants in my life? And above all…who am I? These are the questions I must devote myself to answering every moment.

Practice Always Makes Perfect!

TUESDAY, August 20, 2013

Clarity of thought is what helps us make clear-cut decisions. When we are under intense pressure to decide this way or that…let’s simply slow down and go back to first principles. Just answer the following question : what is important and why? This is what provides us with clarity of thought! Once we know what is truly important, the rest is a piece of cake! 

Consumer Grievances

WEDNESDAY, July 03, 2013

As consumers we have the right to obtain goods and services commensurate with what we have paid. Sellers and service providers are bound by law to honour the promises, assurances and claims they made in the process of finalizing the consumer’s confirmation of order. They have to deliver on their affirmations, undertakings and guarantees. If there are violations and shortfalls the aggrieved consumer has recourse to the appropriate legal redress, namely the National Consumer Redressal Forum and other legal mechanisms and alternatives.

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Article By Madhav Mohan

Fearless Leaders
Be prepared to be questioned on your actions and worse, your intentions. Being a leader means being different. But while they profess to respect you and love you for being different that is exactly why they are also going to beat you mercilessly. Where you have no agenda other than the general good.

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