Exclusion Creates Alienation

TUESDAY, September 24, 2013

Most of us are experts in exclusion! We find ingenious methods and explanations for keeping out others from plans, projects, initiatives and indeed from our very lives. Sometimes we are scared that others will steal the credit; at other times we feel insecure and want to concentrate all power in our own hands. A lot of the times we are convinced that no one can quite do things as well as we can; so we don’t assign tasks, responsibilities and indeed resources to others.

We carry delusions of grandeur…that we are indispensable! What all this achieves is that others lose their connect with us, our activities and priorities. That’s because they feel undervalued, disrespected and demotivated. So its natural for them to feel the loneliness of alienation…of being treated like second class citizens. Then, its just a matter of time before they separate from us, first mentally, then emotionally and finally, physically.

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Article By Madhav Mohan

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