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Unless we work deep within ourselves we can't create a credible exterior persona. Since leadership can't be outsourced to anyone else, we have no choice but to examine our internal resources. Its a formidable endowment! Like descending into the bowels of the earth is necessary to mine coal and diamonds, its mandatory to descend into the depths of our own beings to re-possess the treasures within. Introspection is the key to good leadership.


Am I patient? Do I appreciate other people enough? Am I prepared to view mistakes as way-stations en route to success? Can I let go power and pursue results instead? Can I make the mental switch from "people are important resources" to "people are THE resource"?

What does it take to answer these questions in the affirmative? A difficult, painful internal transformation no doubt! Dropping long-held belief systems, altering mindsets and re-tooling attitudes. How do I do all this painful stuff?

One way is to enrol in a personal growth lab. The other and more sustainable, substantive way is to embark upon a spiritual journey. The first step is to adopt a mantra and begin the practice of meditation. Now, doesnt this sound rather wacky? Connecting leadership and spirituality ? Surely this is some mumbo jumbo that is best reserved for the evening of one's life!

Actually, a true and complete leader is one who is in full control of himself at all levels including mastery of the senses. In the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 48 Krishna says that all action is to be done in a state of yoga in which no attachment exists to results; further, such a state of equipoise is in turn the meaning of yoga. The funny thing is that non-attachment to results increases concentration in delivery or performance which in itself increases the probability of achieving the results!

A state of equipoise is exactly what a leader needs! Balance is needed if courage and decision making are to blossom. And that is precisely what mantra chanting and meditation prepare us for!

Making the transition within is a precondition for achieving results without. Unless we can master the internal turbulence we cant navigate external storms. And unless we can lead ourselves we can't lead others!

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