Leadership Can't Be Outsourced


Leadership is that elusive element that is necessary for results to flow in any setting. No matter what other resource you have, the crucial ingredient that needs to be present in copious quantities is leadership; only then can teams and organizations produce results consistently. Consistent results are a precondition for survival. You always have a choice: to accept a leadership position or not. Having accepted the position you have to embrace it with enthusiasm and sincerity.

You can't speak with a forked tongue; neither can you act in wimpy or wishy-washy ways. Clarity of thought and results, an unwavering commitment to do what is right, courage to make decisions, readiness to accept responsibility for failures, a continuous commitment to learning, acceptance of feedback and empowerment are all the foundation stones of leadership. Every one of these fundamental aspects is the sole responsibility of the leader. He and he alone has to ensure that these foundations are strong and ever-protected. This is his full time job and key focus area. He can't palm it off to anyone else. He'll simply have to do it himself. That's because leadership cant be outsourced!

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Article By Madhav Mohan

Fearless Leaders
Be prepared to be questioned on your actions and worse, your intentions. Being a leader means being different. But while they profess to respect you and love you for being different that is exactly why they are also going to beat you mercilessly. Where you have no agenda other than the general good.

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