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FRIDAY, August 30, 2013

Trust is the basis of life! If I can trust others I’ll lead a life of freedom. Fear and suspicion hold me in chains…because I cannot trust anyone I have to look over my shoulder always…so much that my head is turned around backwards always…and I don’t have the ability to look forward. Since I’m looking over my shoulder always my head is facing backward…I’m sure to fall into every pothole and collide with every obstacle on my path. But trusting others is easier said than done.

What if the other person decamps with my money…or usurps my position…or …steals the affection of my loved one…or lets me down… Well, all that is mostly beyond my control anyway…and some of it can well happen. What I can do is to insure my property…deliver consistent results in all I undertake…give as much love and attention to my loved one as I can…and accept that sometimes I will be let down. That’s not the end of the world. There is life and indeed a lot of learning after someone has cheated me…I can use it as an opportunity to understand what happened and ponder over how I can emerge as a better person…I can iron out the kinks in my own attitudes, behavior and words. Just because some people cheat me I cannot assume that every other person on the planet will cheat me too…that is like a statistician using a non-representative sample to draw conclusions about the universe. The biggest mistake would be to assume that everyone is out to cheat me and stop trusting anyone…that way would guarantee that I’ll live life looking backwards. I’ve got to give humanity a chance… and have faith that despite danger, disease and depravity there is still beauty, sincerity and divinity out there…that’s the only way I’ll have a chance to live in freedom and happiness. 

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