On Stepping Out Of the Comfort Zone

WEDNESDAY, May 29, 2013


Getting out of comfort zones is what’s its all about! Like this role model of a young lady who was sheltered completely for the first 18 years of her life…was exported into an unfamiliar, unforgiving new environment and…scared, surprised… survived, succeeded…. by conquering herself…and is now living and working in New York…savouring the returns from the risks she took.

Comfort zones breed complacency! And complacency is the root of obsolescence….why-should-I learn and change-when everything is going well-syndrome. Why should I repair something that’s not broken? And so I merrily continue in my cocoon…unfortunately, change is occurring in realtime…mostly in such small increments that I don’t notice…like abdominal fat that accumulates in milligrams so I don’t see it…until I’m wearing a tyre weighing several kilos around my waist…which I cant remove without years of diet and exercise. So the change in the environment around me…and indeed under and above me…and of course, within me physically and mentally…is something that I’m not able to see…but just because I’m not able to see it doesn’t mean change isn’t happening…so I’d better be super alert and take proactive, preventive measures before I get obsolete, unhealthy or irrelevant. That means breaking out of my personal comfort zone…learning, experimenting, challenging myself…being less boring and more attractive and interesting…first to myself and then to others!

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Article By Madhav Mohan

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