Power Of Focus

WEDNESDAY, July 31, 2013

The power of focus is understood but hardly ever practiced! Distractions are the defining characteristic of the 21st century! Just as you buckle down to doing something you get a message on your smart phone or a mail or a call or someone or something interrupts you. And then, one thing leads to another….by the time you get back to what you started…well, the same enthusiasm you had in the beginning has waned.

How about shutting out other things (barring emergencies, of course) when you are doing something? Put your mobile on silent, ignore all other pulls and focus on the job at hand. That’s when you concentrate your attention and competence….and naturally the results will be spectacular. Remember, when the diffused rays of the sun are concentrated by a lens the heat generated can start a fire. The operative word is “concentrated” …and so it is when you focus on what you are doing…the effect is an explosion of results! And, interestingly, focus on one thing reduces the time taken for it and multiplies the results….thereby allowing you to do many more things in the limited time that you have. Try it!

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