Practice Always Makes Perfect!

TUESDAY, August 20, 2013

Clarity of thought is what helps us make clear-cut decisions. When we are under intense pressure to decide this way or that…let’s simply slow down and go back to first principles. Just answer the following question : what is important and why? This is what provides us with clarity of thought! Once we know what is truly important, the rest is a piece of cake! 

The problem usually is that trivial factors often divert our attention by masquerading as important. If we can sift the superficial from the substantive we’ll develop the ability to identify what is important. How do we recognize what is important? Simple! Important matters almost never put immediate pressure so they lull us into a sense of complacency but they are life threatening; once they demand our undivided attention its probably too late!


For example, our health never demands attention so we eat, drink and be merry…but then…suddenly we suffer a heart attack…except that the heart attack was not random…our condition was deteriorating slowly, step by step, towards a breakdown….so we neither noticed nor gave it importance. We have to look for these important matters, allocate time and effort for them and shift into a “prevention” mindset. Once we’ve got that, clarity of thought follows…and then decision making is exciting and enjoyable…not stressful and scary as it is for most people. And by the way, its alright to make some wrong decisions since

that is also an input from which we can learn. The more decisions we make the better we get at making decisions. Practice always makes perfect!


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