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On this Teachers Day, remember those wonderful people who held your hand and helped you develop your mind and body. Remember them with affection and respect for you are who you are…no matter how high and mighty…because of them. Teacher’s Day is an occasion to express gratitude and bow your head in veneration…to cast aside your ego and acknowledge the contribution of other, more evolved people in your growth!


But Teacher’s Day offers a good opportunity to ponder whether Teachers and Gurus are synonymous. Many of us use these words interchangeably because we believe the concept is the same. But they are not! There are subtle but substantive differences between teachers and gurus!

  • Teachers impart knowledge
  • Gurus distill wisdom (from knowledge)
  • Teachers describe theory
  • Gurus demonstrate application
  • Teachers develop intellect
  • Gurus manifest spirit (atman)
  • Teachers define perfection
  • Gurus embody perfection
  • Teachers describe themselves as teachers; gurus never refer to themselves as gurus. It is always the case that disciples refer to their master as Guru. The Guru never labels Himself as Guru!
  • Teachers create a basic foundation for life.
  • Gurus help you build a tall skyscraper on those foundations!
  • Over and above everything, Gurus help you discover the purpose and direction of your life
  • A teacher may evolve into a Guru but a Guru has always been a teacher!

A teacher is worthy of your unbounded respect and gratitude. A Guru ? Well, just surrender completely to Him and watch the miracles manifest in your life!


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