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MONDAY, August 19, 2013

I have a life to live…and live well…but how do I do it? In the daily melee how do I make sense of all the mixed signals? I lurch from day to day…by default…and before I can say Jack Robinson I’ve arrived at the portals of the afterlife! Where did all the time vanish…its as if 50 years whizzed past at the speed of light…and then…its too late… Somehow, I’ve got to stop and reset myself! Where am I going? What’s my direction? What’s important to me? Who and what are the significant participants in my life? And above all…who am I? These are the questions I must devote myself to answering every moment.


Most of them are unsettling and difficult to resolve…so I avoid them…postpone confronting them…and before I know it decades have gone by. I’ve got to pause a while now and take a deep breath…slow down the pace…and re-look at my life. Can I look closely at myself and discover my true potential? Can I define the ideal person I would like to be?

What would this Ideal Me look like…think like…behave like…”Be” like? Once I have some hazy vision of this Ideal Me I can go about building that Ideal Me…second to second, minute to minute.


That’s what I call direction…it’s the perfect way to live…every moment…focusing on the best I can be…becoming the Ideal Me..slowly but surely!

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