URTi: An Idea Whose Time Is NOW!

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

The Right to Internet is every bit as important as the Right to Information, perhaps even more. Only if we can guarantee the bandwidth, access and devices that enable everyone bar none to log on to the net can we ensure that not just the RTI but also all the conditions-precedent for a transparent and effective democracy are fulfilled.

So, the Universal Right to Internet that I propose, URTi, is actually a foundation on which 21st century India needs to be built.  Its easier said than done!  Myriad problems, resource crunches, technical issues and economic parameters (like cost of access devices and services for example) will stump us for sure. But if we are to break the stranglehold of poverty we have to bite the bullet and innovate our way out of the problems. Lets’ face it : poverty is perpetuated in the 21st century knowledge economy when literacy is not total and  information and knowledge are not universally accessible on demand.

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